Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Kicks and Braxton frikkin Hicks!


It Hurts It Hurts!!!

Well I'm almost in my 3rd Trimester now... just coming 25 weeks pregnant, and only 15 weeks to go!

(Hang on that can't be right!!!? *Trying to add it up in my stoopid baby brain* HECK!! That's right!!! SHit.. there's not long to go at all! I'd better get cracking on the nursery then shouldn't I!)

Anyway! The baby is around the size of a football now with not a lot of room to move! So it's kickin around like crazy, giving my bladder the kicking of a bloody lifetime, and having me very near to setting up camp in the dunny room again!

It has the hardest little kick, and you can even SEE it's little footprint and toes sometimes! Unless it's something else!? :-S

It's quite a cool experience actually, but it can get kind of annoying when I'm TRYING TO SLEEP!!! Just imagine the heck it's gonna put me through when it is born! :-P

But it's the sharp kicking I can deal with! The braxton hicks on the other hand are flamin horrid!!!

It feels like my pelvis is a frikking wishbone, and there are two strong muscly men - one on each side, playing tug of war with my HIP BONES!!! Heck it's painful!!!

ANd this isn't even the real deal!!


Other then that, it hasn't been the greatest last couple of weeks for me! I've been suffering a bit with insomnia! I seem to be able to fall asleep at the computer just fine... and even while I'm on the DUNNY! But as soon as I hit the bed... I am wide awake! So I haven't been sleeping much at all... to the point where I've even been hallucinating!!!

I've actually been seeing a social worker for the last couple of months, which has been REALLY GOOD! But she believes that I have a serious case of post traumatic stress! I actually had a breakthrough a couple of days ago, where I was able to finally discover the core of my issues! (The one thing that can fix everything if it is changed!) But it is soooo deep and such a long story, I'll save it for another post.

All I'll say for now, is that she was so spot on the mark, I actually fainted when she brought it up because it was that intense and so hard to hear, and something that I have avoided thinking about for like the last 17years it hurts that much!

It is a good thing, because I have come to a huge realisation, but it has also had me an emotional wreck having the past brought up and being confronted with it like a punch in the head!

So it has had me on edge lately, even to the point where little things have made me snap, even smashing cups and plates and stuff just to release a little anger!! :-S Eeeeek!!! But my Social worker says it's all normal at a time like this.

Another thing that has been playing on my mind is that one of my old class mates from high school committed suicide last week! He gassed himself in his car!

Don't feel the need to give me condolences because although we were in the same class, I never really knew him, so I don't feel the pain of losing a friend. But I couldn't imagine how his poor family and close mates must be feeling, so I do feel terrible for them and him, who must have had it tough to go through with giving up his own life.

It has effected me though that someone MY age could end their life so young! I mean, suicide in any situation is devastating, but from someone my age, who went to my school, and was in my class is all the more devastating and scary to me. It's so scary to think that tragedy's like these can happen far too easily.

The suicide rate has certainly increased lately too and it scares the heck out of me!!

Too much pain in the world!!

Speaking of tragedies happening so easily, hubby had the day off work today because he has had serious problems with his back. Some time while I was sleeping, he went out to the pharmacy to get some pain killer, and ended up doing some other things that had him out for hours.

During this time, I was woken by a high pitch alarm and without even remembering I flung up and ran to the kitchen to find a pot and a tea towel on FIRE!!!! Hubby had put some eggs on to cook and completely forgot about it leaving it unattended!

All I can say is THANK HECK for smoke alarms!!! Because without it, our house would probably be burnt to the ground right now, and I most likely could have died!

It's frikken ridiculous that these things can happen so easily!!

But anyways!!!

And now to end this post on a good note...

CONGRATULATIONS to Trub and Crazy who are engaged!!!! Crazy proposed to Trub just hours ago! Woooooohooooo! Bring on the Hens night... Oh! I mean Wedding!!!! :-P

BTW... I may be a little too busy for posting and blogreading in the next couple of weeks, as I have some serious NESTING to do! :-)


32 GiGGLeS:

Anonymous said...

It is excellent that things are moving forward for you! C:D

Maybe you should swallow a Game-Boy or something to keep the little worm occupied. That is, I'm assuming swallow is the way to go C;P. And, maybe without all that sleep the little worm is hallucinating too, stomping on all those crazy spiders in there... or would the worm even know what a spider was?

Have fun nesting C:)

Ken said...

It's good to get that stuff out and we your readers are with you all the way, My door is open.... And I don't charge!!! lol

You do your nesting just drop a note and let us know your ok. ok?

Giggle! said...

C:) - LMAO! Swallow a game boy aye! This crazy baby brain actually sees that as not being such a bad idea!!! If only I had one :-P! And sure the baby would know what a spider is! It is from a rodent family after all! :-P xx

Kenny - Awww thanks Kenny! I'm suprised my social worker doesn't charge me with the brain farts I put her through!! LOL xx

Misssy M said...

With first baby I nested like a maniac- there is a pic of me the day before birth with an extendable paint roller. Right up until birth I was redecorating on a whim. What the blazes was wrong with me?

By second baby I nested all right, but I paid men to do it for me. Nesting, yes; lazy, also yes.

Top tips for those sleepless baby nights: read every flamin' book you've ever wanted to read. Because you won't get another chance for the next 3 years.

Giggle! said...

Misssy - Hahahah yeh its funny how we can be the laziest people and yet something takes control of our pregnant bodies to MAKE US CLEAN!! Hubby wants me to be preggers ALL the time at this rate!

NO READING FOR 3 YEARS??? No frikken deal!!! :-P xx

Peach said...

aw, hugs to you honey re the braxtons (although that splitting feeling actually sounds like something else something to do with your pubic bone, can't recall) and the kicking pain - yikes - is that REALLY a photo of you!!?!?!?!? and re the emotional stuff - well done you're getting through it all !! top!!

are you in trimester 3 already at 25 weeks? I'm confused!

Sorry to hear about your colleague, and good luck with the nesting - let us see your beautiful work and WHEN are you going to let us know if its a boy or a girl, or are you not saying for a reason (I can't recall)


Giggle! said...

Peachy poo - Oh I dunno what the heck it is but it freaking hurts!!! HEEHEE No! That piccy isn't of me! It's a google image! But how cool would it be to capture something like that?!

Ummm yeah I think so? My midwive said to me "Welcome to the 3rd trimester" SO I gathered I was! LMAO!!! Is the bitch lieing to me??! :-P

Still yet to find out the sex peachy poo! Patience my dear :-D My scan is next month so I WILL let you know!! (Just try and stop me!) xx

Daryl said...

I hereby order you to nap at the computer ... or on the tunny .. anywhere you can get some shut eye is a good place ..

I do recommend getting some lavender spray for your pillows .. really its supposed to relax and help you sleep ... xo


Giggle! said...

Daryl - hahaha Unfortunately the smell of lavender makes me wanna puke! So I guess I'll be sleeping on the dunny! xx

Ron said...

I can even imagine all the changes that a women's body goes through during pregnancy. Especially at this stage. You ladies are AMAZING!!!

So brava to all of you!

Hey, dear one...congratulations on your "breakthrough" too. That's so GREAT and POSITIVE. I've experienced those too, but no matter how intense the feels were for me, it seems that after I FELT them...I experienced more inner peace.

It's ironic that you mentioned suicide on this post today, because about a week ago, someone in the hotel across the street from me, jumped out of a window. I too instantly thought of their family and friends, and what they must be going through. It's devistating.

Anyway, dear glad to hear everything is well for you and the baby.

I think it's wonderful that your talking time to NEST!

We and our blogs will always be here, when you return!

Have a great Monday!

Giggle! said...

Ronnie - Shyeah! Even I can't get over how much my body can change! Thankyou the big breakthrough is a great step! Now I can get to dealing with it!!!

Oh thats AWFUL about the hotel jumper! The whole suicide thing really confuses me, it's extrememly tragic in deed.

Thank you Ronnie :-) I shall'nt be gone too long :-) xx

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Is that your babies foot in the picture. What a miracle! I promise it does get better. Hang in there my friend!!!!!!

Jeff B said...

Good grief! it sounds like all heck is breaking loose around there. Whatever your breakthrough is/was, I'm glad it helping you move forward.

Jo-Jo said...

You were going through all this and still wanting to help me?! Are you crazy?! God! I remember being were you are (prego wise) not long ago...I feel for you.

Giggle! said...

SSC - hahah I wish! No it's a google image... I don't have the patience to try and capture my own on camera heehee! xx

Jeff - Thank you, it's been good! xx

Jo-Jo - hahahah it's no problem! It's actually good for me to keep myself busy! :-) xx

Leesa said...

Hey Girlie girl!!

WOW!! I DID think the photo was of you and thought... YEOOOWWWW.. .How cool is that... Well, it's not you... but it's still a HELLA cool photo! So many body changes that women go though... It's just amazing! I hope you will enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and be somewhat comfortable... I can understand if you are too busy to post... Get your stuff done and we'll be here, no worries!
About the person from your high school-- I think it's sad whenever ANYONE takes their life... It makes me sad and melancholy... Like people don't realize their own value... Anyhow...
I hope you take good care of your self...
Big hugs from France!

Giggle! said...

Leesa - heehee yeh it is a cool pic huh! I would LOVE to capture something like that!

Other than a bit of pain I'm still enjoying the whole pregancy experience.

Yeah suicide is sad isn't it! I can't imagine what must go through there minds at the time!

THANK YOU LEESA! I'm sure I wont be gone for tooo long! xx

Joe said...

Sorry to hear about the mini-fire, but glad it was extinguished in time!

My stomach is starting to look like the one in the picture, except without the little foot sticking out. You don't think I could be...


CrystalChick said...

Gosh, Giggle, I'm glad you aren't dead!! Sheesh. I'd miss your awesome posts and Rat Girl creations.

I've had insomnia so I know that isn't fun.

I've been to a counselor for some depression many years ago so I also know how good it feels to know you aren't the only one dealing with issues. Glad you have gotten success there.

I saw the beautiful baby pictures of Trub, Crazy, and their new baby. What a nice family.

Have a nice nesting period and come see us all when you can. And be sure to post pictures ASAP when the big event happens! But with parents like you and your guy, my gawd, that baby is going to be GORGEOUS!!
Take care sweetie. :)

Giggle! said...

Joey - LMAO!!! I would get that checked out if I were you.... seriously!!! :-P xx

Crystal - awww Thank you!!! Thats awesome that you have had great success with help too.

Isn't Trubs bubba so cute??!! I LOVE HIM!

Thanks for your kind words my lady! I shall be back before yas know it! :-) xx

Shannon said...

Oh I remember those days of being uncomfortable while pregnant. No fun at all! I never had any Braxton-Hicks, though.

Hope you get to feeling better soon! And just try to sleep whenever and wherever you can!

Mr Farty said...

Lordy, baby looks just about ready to kick his/her way outta there! (Yes, I know, I've seen that picture before too.)

Hugs xx

Giggle! said...

SHannon - No braxton hicks? Ooooo you're lucky! But there are other dramas to it too which can suck! Thanks for stopping by xx

Mr Farty - haha that pic may as well be of me ffs!!! It feels like the baby is tryna bust out! xx

This Mom said...

Just needed to tell you that picture is AWESOME. My mom has a crayon rubbing from when my sister was inside. It is so very cool.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Hey just checking everything is alright my Aussie buddy, you've been very absent?!

Posh Totty said...

I adore that pic of the baby bump with a food print :o)

I hope your pregnancy is going well.

I stumbled on you via the black box :o) and will be back again, as I love your blog Xx

Posh Totty said...

and of course I meant foot print, not food print LOL .... I think I am focusing on my own fat belly from too much food at the moment LOL!! ....oops!

Giggle! said...

This Mom - WELCOME!! :-) Isn't it fabulous!! It's not of me unfortunately! But I wish! I'd LOVE to see the crayon rubbing tho! How cool!!! xx

Brit gal - hahaha so nice of you to check on me! I've been slack I know... but I'm gettin there :-) xx

Posh Totty - WELCOME!!! God bless that black box!!! I'm scoring HEAPS of friends from it! :-) hehe yeh the image is cool aint it! And to be honest I didn't even pick up on your typo until I read your second comment LOL! Too funny! Thanks for stopping by! xx

nitebyrd said...

I'm glad to hear that you're really getting to work on what's been bugging the shit out of you for a long time. You're going to be really happy and strong for your baby, hubby & yourself. That's marvelous, girl!

Wow! Congrats to Trub & Crazy!

Rhea said...

That photo is WILD.

just a girl... said...

wow what a great pic. When i was pregnant I would get in the bathtub because that is where mine was the most active. I could see fingers, toes, elbows. What an amazing thing to capture on film.

Anonymous said...


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