Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Ahhh! The other day when I posted that I was bored and desperate for a meme... I just so happened to get a visit from a blogger who I had never met before with the perfect solution for my boredom!!

What a coinkadink!!!

Her name is Misssy M and she randomly landed on my blog through a little project she had set for herself, (Perfect timing!) which I gotta say... is a bloody great idea!!!

Thanks Misssy Moo! I'm looking forward to having you as a new blogger buddy!!!

Now! Misssy explained in her post how since starting her blog she had blogger friends coming and going. One of them being Peach!!! Who is also a very dear friend of mine and I too was sad to see her go, but I am happy to still have contact with her via facebook and email!

Misssy states that during her blogging experience she has realised 5 things, which I wish to repeat because I believe we ALL can relate to these things...

1. That she'd become set in her ways in the blogs she read. Me tooo!

2. That she hadn’t been actively looking for new good stuff so it was all her fault. Guilty!

3. That she pretty much ignored people’s blogrolls, which is a bit stupid. It's too easy not to!

4. That good blogs are bloody hard to find (there’s some right shite out there, isn’t there? If you don't believe me try Stumble Upon and you'll see...). Tis true, Tis true! Like this one time... while I was surfing the blog sphere I clicked on a blog titled 'cutie pies!' Me expecting to find a sweet innocent blog full of cute stuff like animals or babies and things was shocked to find a blog full of gay pornography!!! DOODLES and BUMSEX EVERYWHERE!!! *cringes* My poor virgin eyes!

5. That you can’t rely on your old favourites to keep on keeping on, you’ve got to seek out new favourites once in a while. So true!

6. And that she can’t count. *GiGGLeS*

So she started this meme to gee us all up! It’s called Kick your Blogroll up the Arse.

The Rules of Kick Your Blogroll Up the Arse

(Hint: This is the cut out bit for you to post)

What you do is you go to four of your favourite blogs and pick a blog from their blogroll that you’ve never visited or commented on.

You then add them to your blogroll or feed, read them for at least a month (by which time there should be no turning back) and give them a chance to invade your life.

Then you duplicate the main part of this post with a note on whose blog you got it from.

Stick the four new blogs you are going to read up , tell us briefly why you chose them and whose blogroll they came from.

And if you want, coerce others mercilessly into joining in. Then start reading.

OK! So... I have chosen these:

First I went to Ronnies blogroll because I knew it would be safe to pick ANY ONE of his readers! Because anyone that follows Ronnies blog is MOST LIKELY going to have a great sense of humour! So! The person I randomly chose from his blogroll was...

Leesa!!! Her name caught my eye because it was only yesterday that I met a very lovely lady with the same name... so i took it as a sign! The link led me to her blog 'NEWS FROM FRANCE' and sure enough, I liked what I saw! From what I've read she does have a great sense of humour and apparently she gives out free brownies too! :-P Bwahahaha!!! Ok Maybe not! But if I do some serious sucking up, maybe she'll give me the recipe because they look screen-lickin good!!!! Welcome to my blogroll dear Leesa! Prepare to be stalked! :-)

Next I headed to Aunty Vi's blogroll, because well quite frankly - any friend of hers is a friend of mine! So the victim I chose...

Fwengebola!!! Ok so I cheated a little here! Because there were soooo many to chose from - I got Aunty Vi to recommend someone that she think I might like! Well she proves to know me well because the link led me to his blog 'I HATE THE EARTH' and before I laughed my arse of at his posts, I was already in hysterics at his profile alone, and the gorgeous little photo taken of him at 6 years old!!! HAHA!! (Like a redhead Harry Potter!) Now I also know that he will be on holidays soon and probably wont be posting much for a while, but I like what I see so much that I'm gonna keep him anyway! Welcome to my blogroll Fwengebola! I look forward to reading more of you!

Next I went to Rheas blogroll who is also a witty character and undoubtedly attracts fun attention in her neck of the woods! So many to choose from though, this cowgirl has A LOT of friends!!! So I scrolled down her blogroll and searched for the most appealing blogname I could find! Which was...

Welcome to The Nut House!!! What can I say!!! It sounds like my home! And right at home is how I felt when I entered Shannons blog!!! Anyone who starts a post off with a *Burp* followed by a photo of a DELICIOUS yummy meal... becomes an instant friend of mine! *GiGGLeS* Welcome to my blogroll Shannon! I'll be popping in for dinner often!! :-P

And lastly I stopped by :-Daryl's blogroll to search for my lucky last victim! Daryl also has a good range of friends that share the same interests so I knew I couldn't go wrong! The blogname I chose...

Brit Gal' in the USA!!! Because I love Brits to bits! I love a girl who calls herself Gal' (hehe) and I am curious to know how a Brit Gal' fits in to the new lifestyle of a chilled out place with tornado's after living a high stressed life stuck in traffic! I was impressed with Brit' Gal Sarah's blog! Who is not afraid to do a gruesome post about her toenail being ripped off and sharing the gruesome photos to prove it! Gotta love the gross stuff! :-) Welcome to my Blogroll Brit' Gal!! I can't wait to see more photos! :-D

SO there ya go!! I've adopted 4 new Blogger buddies whether they like it or not! hehehe!

I urge that all my readers do the same too (even if you're a lurker!... Yes you! I can seeee youuuuu! :-P) ... because I do believe it is a very neat little project, and a great way to make some new friends! But I respect that not everybody may have the time or even the desire to meet new people at this stage... so I shall leave the ball in your court!

Thanks again Misssy Moo!!


I've just discovered from the lovely Lady in Red another great little way to find great blogs from an amazing little widget named 'BLACK BOXES' created by a very talented lady named Caroline Smailes!

It's incredible!!! All ya gotta do is click on the decide button... select your choices from choice A and choice B and it will take you to a mystery blog!!! It is very addictive and all the rage at the moment!

You can also contribute your own choices and put in your URL for others to land on your blog too!

I've had a few landings ALREADY!

Go on! Have a go!


25 GiGGLeS:

Ken said...

Thats a great idea, I will be in the am to re-read the rules. I'm off to bed!

Lady in red said...

I may well give this a go. As for the black box very very addictive. last night I tried it from here and landed on your aunty VI how cool is that.

Btw I used to rea fwehgebola and keep meaning to go back there. very funny guy.

Leesa said...

G'day Rat Girl!!!

Hehe... What a great way to meet someone!! Nice to meet you- or as we say here in France, "Enchanté." It soooo happens that Australia is one of my fav. places on the planet, so you're already cool in my book and of course anyone who reads Ron's blog has just GOT to be a super cool person, as well.. I am DEF. adding you to my blogroll, right after this comment because your blog looks to be a great source of fun and laughs... I'll just havta read on, ya know!!

And, YES! I DO indeed give out my brownies, and other things that I bake (which is a lot of things)because I like to share with people I know- or random people I don't know, too... just so I can get it out of the house so I don't eat it all!! I have a very strange baking addiction/passion and I just like to bake for the sake of baking something yummy!!

And by the way, rats are one of my fav. pets, so I like your name, too... Though I don't really know how you got your nickname. I'll just have to see if I can find it on your blog somewhere or you can just come back to mine and let me know...

We'll talk more soon... thanks for stopping over to my blog and for adding me as a new friend! Feel free to stalk me anytime, it looks like you have a lot of time on your hands!! : )
Take care..... Leesa

Giggle! said...

Kenny - hahaha you've been up all night playing with the blackbox haven't ya!! xx

Lady - Oh I KNOW It is sooo addictive! Aunty Vi has it bad though! LOL Just try and drag her off the bloody thing! xx

Leesa - OOOO hello my new friend! What a wonderful positive comment!!! So glad that you're happy to have me stalk you, just as well because you've got no choice! :-P Bwhahahaha!!

OMG! I soooo wish I lived next door to you!! OR IN YOUR HOUSE!!! Those brownies look amazing!!! YUMMY!!!!!

Hahahah oh I have a very good reason for the nickname RATGiRL! I will send you the link to it! THANKS FOR COMMENTING LEESA! xx

Trixie said...

This is such a great idea, may look at doing it in the near future, but at the moment, I'm addicted to blackboxing! lol

Giggle! said...

AUnty Vi - I gathered that!! xx

Misssy M said...

Wow! you've really gone for it- excellent. I feel like that person who slept in the coop with his sick chickens, then licked his neighbour's cheek*, who then bit his ex-wife's leg and started the birdflu pandemic.

*Is that not how it happened??

Giggle! said...

Misssy Moo - HAHAHAHAHA I dunno! But it sounds bloody hilarious!

Thanks again for the awesome meme! I've made some great friends out of it! xx

Caroline said...

My widget keeps bringing me here.
Hi :)


Cristin said...

This is a great idea... I'm on the lazy side and probably won't participate, but a good idea nonetheless.

Daryl said...

Double the fun stuff ...


Rae!xx said...

I may give this a go in a few weeks but my slowness with reading all my favs is holding me back at the moment....

The cat in the pic above looks like Holly!..xx

Mr Farty said...

FFS! I'm going to have to pack in my job, it's getting in the way of reading all these fab blogs!

Anonymous said...

I black boxed here. Right here. From my house to yours. Apparently my blogroll just wasn't good enough. :)

Ashley Ladd said...

Two more cool ideas. I've long checked out blog rolls - when I have time which isn't very often.

Ron said...


OMG...I can't wait to try the Black Box thingy that you mentioned sounds AWESOME and FUN!

And I can't thank you enough for choosing Leesa's Blog!!! I too have just recently met her, but I instantly felt a warmth and connection. She has a wonderful energy about her!

Great choice, Giggles!

Thank you for sharing all the great information on this post, dear one. And it SO ties into my post about CHANGE!

See...isn't change great?

Thanks again!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi honey, first off...RON (vent) rocks. I think I first went to his blog through yours. Thanks babe. I would be one of those losing out right now. I heart Ron hard.

Hey that's very interesting...I might give that a go. Is it easy to do?

Gigs babe...are you doing okay? You feeling well? The pregnancy is not making you sick anymore...are you getting rest?

Okay...just checking.

ciao babes, have a wonderful weekend. :D

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Hey Giggles, well it's Friday night in Okieland and I finally got the time to blog surf. How fab, I found me a new blog buddy which is great, and your comments at my place.

This is a great idea and I might do the same myself in the next few weeks.

Great to meet ya :-)

Shannon said...

Ok, so I'm finally getting a chance to come over here and check your blog out! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll... I'm going to do this meme soon... how fun!

Giggle! said...

Caroline - Heeehee! Thanks for pingin in!! xx

Cristin - Welcome! Ye si have the problem with being lazy tooo... which is why I thought it was time that I kick me blogroll up the arse!!! heehee xx

Daryl - Weeee xx

Rae - coolies! Aww and Holly must be a cutie then! xx

Mr Farty - HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm glad I don't have to work!! xx

Jenn - LOL! Blog roll? Whats a blog roll? :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Ash - hehe yeah! You've got quite a big list of friends too xx

Ronnie - Hey you're right!!! This is change isn't it! GO ME! :-) And Thank you for have Leesa as a friend!!! I adore her! xx

Spiky - Oh good girl! Glad you already found him! hehe Thank you for checking in with me.. all is well! ANd yep! The meme is nice and easy to do! If you have any problems just let me know! xx

Brig Gal - HELLO NEW FRIEND!!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I found your blog, I througholy enjoy it! ANd if you do, do this meme... I'm sure you'll make some more great friends too. xx

Shannon - Oooo another one of my victoms! So glad you stopped by! YOu'll love the meme! xx

CrazyCath said...

Sounds like great fun - but I have enough trouble getting around everyone as it is! That black box is addictive - another way to meet and greet new friends! Blog roll is growing and growing and growing.... aaaarrrggghhhhhh!

Giggle! said...

Cath - *GiGGLeS* Ahuh! Tell me about it!!! xx

Rhea said...

Fun meme! I love exploring new blogs. I've been doing a lot of that lately...while still trying to visit all my old favorites, and it's hard to keep up! But, I love find new and fun people to read. There are SO many amazing bloggers out there.

Giggle! said...

Rhea - SHyeah! I noticed heehee I think you've got the longest blogroll I've seen yet!!! How do you do it! :-O xx

Anonymous said...

good, i just brought even more new emo backgrounds 4 my blog