Friday, September 19, 2008

My Hubby is THE MAN!!!


Hubby and I have a great fun playful relationship! We always poke fun at each other for silly stuff!

Hubby is the most sweetest charming guy I have ever met, but he can have a bit of an ego and can be a bit vain at times! Nothing serious, but I'm always giving him shit about it!

Like, a woman just has to pass him by, and he'll think "Oh yeah! She wants me!" He'll have a joke about it, but I know he is being half serious!!!

Like this one time when I was working for JSD construction, he would hang out at the beach when he finished work while he waited for me, and he would do push ups and bench presses to kill time.

Heaps of guys work out at the beach it is very popular and there are people EVERY WHERE! It is not uncommon to work out at this beach, they actually have gym equipment there to use!!!

But one day after he picked me up, we were driving home when this funny announcement came on the radio! A woman had rang up and said that she had spotted this 'hot guy working out at the beach' and she wanted his phone number!


But Hubby was dead sure that she just HAD to be talking about HIM!

Who knows, it may well have been... but he refused to believe that it could possibly be anyone else ffs!!!!

So with Hubby's beliefs on attracting all the ladies, I decided to put his theory to the test!

Don't get me wrong... he's a catch!!! But I wanted to see what would happen!

So ages ago, I signed him up to an Australian dating site called Red Hot Pie and I made up a public profile of him to see how many chicks he could pull!

Well! He was right... he got A LOT of attention!!!

I am bombarded with emails every frikken day with tonnes and tonnes of interests!

Here are a few of them who have contacted him, looking for a 'good time!'

Now for the fellas that just got a little excited by this pic, thinking it was a CHICKS arse... THINK AGAIN!!!

Cutie Buns is a bloke!!

I am happy to wait for you while you run to the toilet and vomit!

Oh! Were you expecting to see profiles of really hot chicks?

Well HA!!! So was Hubby!

No... actually, I kid you not... these emails I am bombarded with are all from GAY GUYS!!!

Ahuh! Gay guys that are looking to push my Hubbys poo!!! (Yes! One guy even used those words!)

Here are a few more of my favourites...

Awww he seems sweet enough! But sorry Sexy Boy... IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!

Hmmm if you were a chick, Horny you would be perfect for Keithy!!

Awww poor Gramps! I feel sorry for him! Now if Gramps were straight, I would hook him up with Grams!

And here is my personal favourite...

So I guess Hubby really is the man eh?

As dissapointed as he was that he has only attracted male attention, even still HE BLUSHED about it!!!

OK so I lie!

There was this ONE chick...

I've gotta wonder why you would want to bring candles to the park on a warm SUNNY day! But other then that... Kitty Kat seems lovely!!!

I'm sure if Hubby was single he'd be very interested in this sexy beast! But since he is taken... ugh... sorry love!

So Come on fellas? Any takers?

Let me know and I'll hook you up! :-P


32 GiGGLeS:

Peach said...


I can't stop laughing!!!

You. Are. Mad!!!!!

Or bored.

Or both.

Yes, definitely both


Giggle! said...

Peachy Poo - It's true! It's true!! :-D xx

Lady in red said...

I bet hubby's face was a picture when he saw who was interested lol

Giggle! said...

Lady - hahah I think he may have even been PROUD!! :-P xx

Leesa said...

LMAO!!!! How funny-- Did you actually put him up on a gay sight or was it that he just got all those responses from men... You know if men think he's hot- He must be super hot!! He has a wider audience now!! hehehehehe... Take care, Leese

Giggle! said...

Leesa - Nope! It wasn't a gay site... it is for all! I even had hubby down as 'straight!' what are the chances eh?! HAHAHAHA Oh god! DOn't tell him that... his head will get bigger! :-P xx

Misssy M said...

Horny may have to go to the doctors. That is not the way a penis is supposed to look- I mean, I really am concerned.

He may have been stung by him, see if he's ok.

Giggle! said...

Misssy - LMAO I know right?!!! I'll give you his number and you can give him a buzz! :-P xx

Shelle-BlokThoughts said..., I can't believe just doesn't seem real! You are hilarious, I think I might just do that for fun, like you suggested! lol!

I seriously need to get more creative with things like husband is the same way about girls looking at's funny and then it gets annoying...

So if I did this he would definitely be humbled or grossed out or whatever!lol

Pushing their poop! lol!

Trixie said...

Poor hubby, last post you were praising him, this post you are taking the piss out of him, lol.

That's why you get along so well!

Fat Controller said...

Come honest. I can't believe that poor Pussy Cat was the only chick who responded!

Giggle! said...

Shelle - Oh you should TOTALLY do it! It's a great laugh! :-D I think it's a guy thing! They don't do too well with bruized egos! HAHAHAHAHA Maybe he'll attract a few poo pushers toooo :-P xx

Thinny - HAHAHA!!! OK, OK, ya busted me! There was an extremely overweight redneck woman and a bearded lady too! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Ken said...

I have 3 words for you on this 'NO F**KING WAY".

Giggle! said...

Kenny - Oh Go on!!! Ya know ya wanna! :-P xx

Jo-Jo said...

You are too funny! Hope your hubby is in touch with his feminine side!

Jennifer said...

OMG--you are so funny! "Kitty Kat" made me LOL--I've never heard of anyone bringing candles to the park on a sunny day!

I found your blog through Shannon--I will definitely be back!!

Ron said...

OK...I wish I could figure out how the HELL to type the FREAKING HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER that I am experiencing right now!!!!!!!!@#$#$%#^#&^&#$&$&

I actually starting COUGHING I was laughing so hard!!!!


Good god, woman...this post was the FUNNIEST damn post I think I've EVER read!!!

You freaking deserve an AWARD for this one...I mean it!

Your responses to each one of these canidates was SO perfect!!!'re such a wonderfully funny lady!!

Thank you, dear just made my WEEK!


Giggle! said...

Jo-Jo - hahah OH YES! That fella is more girly than me sometimes! :-P xx

Jenifer - WELCOME! Hahaha! I know aye? I was CRACKING up at Kitty Kats decripton! Candles on a sunny day ffs! Thankyou for stopping by! :-D xx

Ronnie - HAHAHAHA You're comments are just as good as your posts do you know that!? Always a pleasure to read! heeheee glad you got a chuckle out of it... but I can't take all the credit! It wouldn't have been funny without Hubbys strange-arse interests! LOL!!! I think I laughed just as hard as you when I first saw these guys too!! xx

Dazza said...

Very funny! Ha ha... oh congrats on your wedding anniversary though!!


Shannon said...

HYSTERICAL!!! Mu hubby would KILL me if I did this to him, LOL!

Daryl said...

You owe me a new keyboard ... this one is now soaking wet with coffee I spewed ...


Giggle! said...

Dazza - Thankyouuu xx

Shannon - haha! Oh! Well my Hubby was EXCITED about the whole idea... he was SO sure that he would be bombarded with lotsa chicky babes! hehee xx

Daryl - Uh oh! Oops! haha! Word of advice... never have any kind of liquid near you when you're reading ANY blog and always have an empty bladder! Ya never know when you're gonna read something funny! I learnt that the hard way too! :-D *GiGGLeS* xx

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

I can't believe how forward and to the point they are. No dinner or drinks, just straight ( no pun intended) boinking!!!

trublmaka said...

Maybe it'd be a great way to get back at the "other half" when they're being a big fat stupid-head! Post a close up of their face on a gay-dating site, making sure to list the town they're in and their direct mobile number!
And chuck in a few REALLY dirty kinky fetishes too!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay I had to comment again...because I was showing my husband your blog...and we were laughing together and thought you might enjoy that! :)

Brit' Gal Sarah said...


My personal fave was 'Horny'! Thanks for the big laugh and keep on keeping the hubby real ;-)

Giggle! said...

SSC - LMAO!!! Yup! They sure know what they want huH! No mucking around! xx

Trub - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH BOY!!! Thats GENIOUS!!! Although deep down they'll probably love it the little freaks!! xx

Shelle - Awwwww thats sooo cute!!! COuple reading! Me and Hubby do that too some times! Glad you both got a giggle! xx

Brit Gal - Hahahaha oh you like Horny do ya!!!? *GiGGLeS* Well I can send him your way if ya like :-P Oh hang on... he likes boys!! xx

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