Monday, September 29, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

With every post I do I like to add an image that suits it, I usually look for cute and funny google images, but in this case I just couldn't find any children cuter than these girls!!

These are Trubs beautiful little girls... my lil angel pies who I adore!!! 'Sugar Plum Bum' 8 yrs old, and her gorjus lil sis 'Grubby' who recently turned 1! Aren't they precious?!!

Ooooo while I'm at it... I can now share a piccy of Trubs latest little blessing 'Bubba boy' who I recently had the amazing experience of watching being born!!!

He's a special lil guy! And I will be thrilled if my baby turns out even half as cute as these kids!!!

Anyways on with the post...

That top photo was taken at another friend of ours baby's first birthday last Saturday, it was a lovely day at the park where we were surrounded by lotsa kiddywinks!!

The best conversations are the ones you have with kids, they say the damn CUTEST things, and they don't even realise it! With some of the cutesy convos I had with some of them, I got to thinking about some of the best kiddy lines I have heard and I wanted to share them.

First of all when I first arrived at the party, I seen a little girl 'Petal' 5 years old who I haven't seen in such a long time. She spotted me first and ran up to give me a hug, I was soooo excited to see her!

This is how our conversation went...

Petal: *running from a distance yelling with excitement* "GIGGLEEEEEEEE..."

Me: *Hugging her* "OMG Hello Petal!!! I haven't seen you in so long!!! How are you???!"

Petal: *Catching her breath* "I'm Good thanks, I didn't pee the bed last night OR the night before!!!"

Me: *Giggling* "Oh that's EXCELLENT hunny! You must be very proud!"

Petal: "Yes! I'm a good girl, aren't I!!"* as she runs to the playground*

I just love it! I wish we could all be as open as children are!!

Kids can also be great therapy too!!! Well... sometimes anyway! :-P

Another conversation I had with her a long time ago was when I was at Trubs house they were having a little gathering and I wasn't feeling 100% with food poisoning.

Petal caught me with a frown on my face and ran over to me.

Petal: "Giggle why do you look so sad?"

Me: "Oh I'm not sad hunny, I'm just not feeling very well."

Petal: "Well you should feel happy all the time, do ya know why?"

Me: "Why?"

Petal: "Because You're BEEEEEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!"

Me: "Awww what a sweet thing to say Petal, Thank you!"

Petal: "And you know what?"

Me: "What?"

Petal: "When I grow up, I'm gonna be as beautiful as you too!!!"

Me: *Giggling* "Oh but you ARE beautiful Petal and you always will be!!!"

Then you have the kiddy crushes!

Another time years ago, there was this gorgeous little boy that lived next door "Spiderman" about 4 years old at the time. He has an older sister so I use to go over to play barbies with her!

Spiderman had a bit of a crush on me, and use to pick flowers for me and was keen to do anything for me.

One day he approached me with something I was not expecting...

Spiderman: *Gets down on one knee* "Giggle, when I grow up I'm going to marry you...!"

Me: *Stunned*

he continued...

Spiderman: "... So who are you gonna marry?"

Me: *Rolling on the floor laughing!!!*

Unfortunately things didn't go to plan... Hubby beat him to it! Sorry Spiderman!!! :-P

A similar thing happened years ago with my friend Red's little brothers 'Cheeky' and 'Cherub' who are twins about 5 years old at the time.

They too both had a bit of a crush on me and would fight for my attention.

One day when I was over their house I spotted Cherub sitting in the corner crying he's little heart out.

I walked over to him...

Me: "Cherub whats wrong??"

Cherub: *Rubs eyes* "Cheeky said that he is gonna be your boyfriend!"

Me: *Blushing* "Well he can't decide that! But why are you so upset?"

Cherub: "Because I WANT to be your boyfriend! But he says that I'm too young for you!!!"

(Cheeky is like 2 minutes older than him!!)

Me: *LMAO* "Don't worry about it... besides, just between you and me... I think you're cuter than him ;-)"

Boy did that boost his little ego!!! Even to this day LOL! (They are now 20 years old mind you!)

But then you get the ones that can be a little embarrassing! Although this next one was cute as hell it wasn't appropriate timing!!!

Hubby and I use to go to an awesome church when we lived in NZ where it was always packed with hundreds of people!

The room was dead silent when the pastor would talk, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet!!

There was this cutie little boy 'Pokemon' 3 years old at the time who would love to come and sit with me and Hubby during the service. He would often sit on my lap, sometimes Hubbys.

This one particular day, he was sitting on my lap facing towards me, and the Pastor was preaching on a very serious subject.

Pokemon kept poking at the buttons of the pockets of my top which were practically in line with my nipples! Hubby kept whispering to him... "Pokemon... don't do that" because sometimes he would pull the buttons so hard, that my top would start to fall down showing my cleavage!!

Even the whispers of Hubby attracted attention! As quiet as he was, heads would still turn to see where the whispers were coming from!

The pastor had JUST finished a speech and was preparing to put a video on for us to watch, when the room went completely silent!

In that exact moment... Pokemon yells "WOW!!!! You've got BIGGGGGGGG TITTIES!!!!!"

And of course there was not one person that didn't hear it and didn't now have their eyes on us!!

LOL so embarrassing! But at the same time I was pissin myself in hysterics!!! Even the pastor had a giggle!

I could go on and on about more of the cutest conversations I've had with kids, but this post has to end somewhere!!!

But the cutest thing yet that was an absolute heart melter was when Trub handed Grubby a chocolate milk last Saturday night and Grubby's eyes lit up and said "Tocky milk!" It was soooo gorjus!!! She's only 1!!! And they are the first (English) words I have heard from her so far!!!

Just gorjus!!!

What is the cutest conversation you've had with a child?

Oh and Muussy... if you're reading this, can you remember a specific funny convo that came out of my mouth as a child?


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Misssy M said...

So many, but fresh out of the mouth of my 5 year old lady tonight is:

"Dad, what IS a star?"

"A big ball of fire"

"Can you touch it?" she asks

"No, it would burn you", Dad replies.

"What if I wore gloves?"

nitebyrd said...

I can't really recall any particular conversations. My kids have said and done some funny things throughout their lifetimes - actually, they still do!

You're baby is gonna be very lucky to have a Mum like you!

Ron said...

What an adorable post!!!

LOVE the photos!!!

OMG....Bubba Boy is SOOOO cute!

Gosh...I LOVE babies!

I totally agree...if we could only be as open and honest with our feelings, as children...I think we would all be much more happier.

I don't remember exactly what some of the kids use to OPENLY say to me, but I once taught a creative dramatics class at a summer workshop for kids 4 1/2 years old up to 12. The younger ones were my favorite, because of how they would say whatever popped into their little heads. I was forever laughing at them!!! And kids make the BEST actors too. They FREELY express themselves without any conciousness!

Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming post, dear one!

And I agree with Nitebryrd...your baby is gonna be lucky to have a Mum like you!!!

Have wonderful Monday, Giggles!

Jo-Jo said...

Oh my. My little ones crack me up all the time! Tonight as I was laying Riley down to bed, he hard some music and started smiling and bobbing his head to the music and HE WAS ASLEEP! I know you are going to be a wonderful mother!

Shannon said...

Adorable pics!

Makes you wonder where in the world kids come up with the things they say! What is going on in those little heads of theirs!

Muussy said...

Well doll you were always a bit of on odd one....the thing I remember very vividly with you, when you were around 3 years old, you stopped playing momentarily, looked at me with big, blue serious eyes and asked "Where are my other mummy and daddy?" I could tell that this was a very serious question, and wondered if there may be some past life regression going on. I simply said "They live on the moon now" and with that, you were satisfied...conversation over :-)

Your brother P on the other hand, had me totally mortified when he was 4 years old. I was getting close to my due date with you, and both your brothers were very curious as to how this baby, that was inside mummy"s tummy, was going to get out. So dad sat them down and had THE TALK with them...all went well, and off the little darlings went to play with the next door neighbours children...the Pastor's children.

Within minutes, I hear the very excited, very loud, very high pitched voice of P, announcing to the entire neighbourhood,


I swear the entire suburb went dead silent, and then suddenly the next voice I hear is that of the Pastor's wife...laughing hysterically...for at least 5 minutes...ahhh, the things children say!!!

Giggle! said...

Misssy Moo - hahahah that's gorjus! I bet you'd hear endless amounts from that little one! xx

Nite - HELLO! Long time no seeee. Awww thanks for the compliment Nitey, and thanks for stoppin by! xx

Ronnie - hahaha I love that you're such a softie!!! OMG THat is so cool that you taught creative dramatics class! I sooo didn't know that! Musta been fun! I bet you would have heard keeps of cute stuff at a place like that! Thank you Ronnie! :-) xx

Jo-Jo - HAHAHAHAHA The adorable dancing!!! That's one I almost forgot about! Isn't it the cutest! Thank youuuuuuuu xx

Shannon - I know... I'd love to have a mind of a child for just one day again! xx

Muussy - he he heeeee! Oh thats right!!! I had forgotton about that! Yes... I do still wonder how my other parents are! I must make a trip to the moon some time :-P *GiGGLeS* Jokies!

Nothing tops P's story tho!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA too funny!!!! Thanks Muussy :-) xx

Trixie said...

Ahhh, the cutest thing I remember hearing you say to me is that you wanted to be just like me when you grew up.

Daryl said...

My friend's son (now a married man and 36 yrs old) was a funny kid ... he always sat quietly taking in the adults conversations around him ... so he learned a lot of grown up expressions, ahem, once at the beach when he was playing in the sand a fly kept buzzing 'round his head.. he waved it away and said loudly: Damn god fly piss off ..

We adults all just fell down laughing ... except his mum who wanted to know WHO taught him to say that ... no one fessed up ...


Mr Farty said...

Well, there was this one time - this is strictly between you and me, right? - when Mrs F and I were doing the jiggy-jiggy and Little Miss Farty, aged about 4 at the time, came trotting through from her bedroom to see what all the noise was about. We'd never gotten straightened out on our backs with the covers up and eyes tightly shut so fast in our lives; anyway..."Mum, I heard you shouting in your sleep - were you having a nightmare?"

Shelle-BlokThoughts said... you are a superstar amongst the young ones!!! lol! trying to get my little girl to eat Broccoli...

Me: need to eat your little trees...

PeePs: put it in her mouth and then instantly spits it out and says, "Eeewww"!

Me: "PeePs you use to eat those all the time when you were little!" (She's three)

PeePs: "No mom...BIG kids, like me, thinks those are yuck!"

Smart little booger!

Aunty K said...

I remember your brother P at about he age of four watching me wash up, and he said "you know Aunty K, if you use Palmolive, you will soften your hands while you wash the dishes". Straight from the ads. I had a very hard time keeping a straight face over that one.

Leesa said...

Hey there chickie!

You've got some great (FUNNY) kiddie stories there.. I can't wait to hear some of your own as your baby gets older and starts talking!!! Hehe.... Sooo cute.. You know, I worked with kids for almost 2 decades and never wrote down a SINGLE thing they said.. SHOOT!!! The things kids say!! Sooo darned funny!!!
Anyhow... Take good care and have a great day!!

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - OMG What the HELL was I thinking!!!??? :-P JOKING! JOKING! hahaha well something must of went right! They do call me 'mini you' *GiGGLeS* xx

Daryl - HAHAHAHAA that's so adorable!! As cheeky as it is... it is a laugh when kids say 'adult words'!! xx

Mr Farty - LMAO!!! My lips are sealed :-P xx

Shelle - hehe well I've been lucky enough not to come across any kids that I haven't got a long with... but still plenty of time for that!!! HeHeHe I don't know what's cuter! The fact that you call broccoli 'little trees' or Peeps' reply! :-) xx

AUnty K - OMG Hello!! I had no idea you read my blog LOL! That's so funny about P, he hasn't changed a bit! xx

Leesa - Oh ME NEITHER!! I know my little one is gonna be a cheeky chops if it's anything like either of it's parents!! Heeheee Thanks for stopping by dear Leesa xx

Rhea said...

Trubs girls are adorable and that new baby...precious!

I can't wait til it's your turn!

My cousin just had her first baby this week. Babies everywhere!!