Monday, September 8, 2008

Snoring Snoring everywhere and no where to freaking sleep!

So it's hard enuff to sleep with my humongous ever growing belly!!!

No! This pic is NOT of a white and green puffer fish that swallowed a watermelon... it is of me!

A very pregnant me!!!

I've gained about 10kilos, my hips thighs and arse have ballooned, my feet are starting to swell, my BOOBS are in a world of their own, and my belly... well! You can see the evidence!

I look like a flippin oompaloompa ffs!

But it all comes with the pregnancy eh?!

And I am only gonna get BIGGER for fucksake!

So as I was saying... it's hard enough to sleep how it is!!

And then theres all the kicking that comes with it, just as I finally get comfy to nod off!

I'm telling ya... this kid is the next David Beckham! Or a flamin famous Kick boxer which I don't know any names of!!

I mean just look at the legs on this kid...

They are flippin HUUUUUGE!

We're even seeing footprints now - pushing out of my belly!!! It's insane!

But anyway... it makes it harder for me to sleep.

Then there is that point where I've finally got myself into a comfy position both for me and for the belly grub after it's kicking has finally calmed down and at last I'm heading off to la-la land.

And then it happens...

The horrid sound of a big fat boar snorting continuously in MY EAR!!!

Yes my friends... HUBBY'S SNORING!!!

I love that fella to death but HECK his snore is horrendous!! It's so flippin loud even HE wakes up at the sound of it and just about craps himself because he thinks he is under ATTACK!!

It all starts with this high pitched little whistle in his nose... which sounds like a boiling kettle in the distance!

That is the warning sign for me where I have to think quick to get myself to sleep fast before the earthquake begins!!

But I never beat it ffs!

So after kicking him a few times and putting a peg on his nose (yes I keep a peg by my side of the bed!) and there STILL is no stopping it. It is then that I will move to the couch in the lounge room!

Again... I get myself comfy and wait for the baby to settle down now having Albert snuggled up on my lap (our latest addition adopted cat) and all is fine and dandy.

When I hear more snoring!

AT first I think "Flippin HECK! Hubby's snoring is seeping through the bedroom door now!!"

But it wasn't... it wasn't Hubby at all!

I followed the sound of this new annoying snore and was surprised to find that it was coming from...


ALBERT!!!! The snoring CAT!!

OK... I have had 8 different Cats now, and not one have them have snored! Have you ever heard of such a thing!?!!?!!!!??

And I don't mean just a little heavy breathing either - I mean full on hog snorting, nose whistling SNORING! (OK not as bad as hubby's but close enough!!)

Seriously... He has the actions to it and everything, he lays on his back belly up with a mouth like a flytrap, gut moving in and out to the motion of his snore and his paws twitching to his little snorts!

I am sooooo waiting for him to do it again, so i can video tape it and post it! I sware he is a freak of nature!!

But in the meantime... where the heck am I gunna sleep!!!!?


17 GiGGLeS:

Trixie said...

Aawww, that just shows you how content Albert is living with you!!!

And you look DEVINE baby! I can't believe you've hit your third trimester though!

Oh, and what has happened to the spare room?

Giggle! said...

AUnty Vi - hehe! Yeah the little bugger owns the place now! I'm thinking of chucking Albert in with Hubby and stealing the couch for myself! Although the room will probably callapse with the power of both snores!!!

The spare room is full of crap at the moment!!! If I go in there I'll get lost and never find my way out again! :-P xx

Misssy M said...

My cat Harleyboy snores like an old geezer in an Old Folks home. We've had to ban him from the bedroom at night.

But there may be more in store for you, I'm sorry to say. My son (who is now 10) makes a high pitched sighing type sound when he's asleep and has done ever since he was a baby. We kind of got used to it and we never had those, "OMG the baby's not breathing!!" freak outs that everyone else had when he was in his cot, as he whined constantly like an old fashioned kettle on the boil.

Giggle! said...

misssy - hahah first of all! What a cool name for a cat!!! And I'm glad I aint the only one with a snoring one!

Secondly... are you saying that even a newborn can snore? Oh ffs! There goes ALL of my sleep then! *GiGGLeS* xx

Ken said...

Okay, I'm giong to be sending you a bill for a new key board! I was drinking coffee while reading this post, ilaughed so hard I spit coffee all over it.....Its sarting to smoke ....oh crap here come the flames my hands ar................

trublmaka said...

Aww hunny, I hate to tell you... but I snore just as bad as Crazy the further I get in the pregnancy form the pressure :S
Its quite possible you might too... I dunno if its a majority of preggas women thing or just a random unlucky few ...
Shove a pillow over his head...(Hubby's ;P)
As for Albert.. I'm looking forward to seeing the video lol!!


Rae!xx said...

You look fabulous all lovely and pregnant.

Holly snores also, the first time she did it I thought I had a burgler in the house.

Thankfully it's not too loud and quite soothing in some ways.


Giggle! said...

Kenny - hahaha! Ah for the sake of seeing Aunty Vi again.. I'm sure you'll get your keyboard up and running in no time! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Trub - OOoooo ya know that might not be such a bad thing!!! I'd quite like to give hubby a taste of his own medicine! BWHAHAHAHA! xx

Rae - Well hello there dear! I thought that you had left us!!! Lovely to see you! heehee hey yeah I just did a search and found heaps of funny youtubes of cats snoring! So I guess it's not that uncommon after all! xx

Rhea said...

A snoring cat. lol My dog snores...I'm listening to her right now, curled up in MY bed, snoring. Amazing.

Your belly looks awesome! Don't worry about the weight. You'll lose it. I bet you're adorable all preggo.

I'm sorry I haven't been by much lately! I love your blog and your rat girl adventures. I've missed ya. :o)

Giggle! said...

Rhea - hahaha yeh I can just imagine Annie snoring!

No problems dear lady! I know that you are really busy! I don't know how you keep up with everything! WONDERWOMAN!! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

lol My ex, the cat and all 4 sons snore but so do I when I have a cold like now. I always had to get to sleep before the snoring started (SF's) in the early days but after the kids came along I was so exhausted that the snoring didn't keep me awake any more.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Sorry I have missed your blog for awhile. I have been a very bad blogger.

Do you know what you are having yet? Oh and please email me your address or are you registered?

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest belly, Giggle.

My friend's cat snores. I discovered this when I overnight babysat her kids. And the dog talks in his sleep.

Ken said...

Giggles, I always have a spare around, I have 5 computers, i just can't use them very well! lol

Giggle! said...

Lady - Omg the whole house!!! There was NO escaping it then! Yeah I'm thinking I may be heading that way too. So tired I could sleep through anything! xx

SSC - not a problem hun! I have times where I'm away for a while too. Don't know what the sex is yet, the babys legs were crossed! I shall send you an email. xx

Jenn - The dog talks i his SLEPP?!!!! Haha now THAT I want to see! xx

Kenny - 5 computers!? HECK! Well where the hell were ya when I needed a computer! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Ron said... must be AMAZING to feel and watch your body changing with this pregnancy, Giggles!!

I think you look ADORABLE!

I love the sight of a preggy's so SPECIAL. I get so giddy thinking about the little life growing in there.

But I also know that it must be VERY uncomfortable to go through this process too!

(that's why MEN don't have babies!!!)

WOmen are so much stonger.

And about your hubby snoring. OMG...that would make me insane too. I'm such a light sleeper, that I can hear a cotton ball hit the floor!!

And NOW little Prince Albert is getting into the act!!

At least you have snoring in STERIO!


I often wonder if I snore. I think I should tape record myself one night!

Wonderful post, dear one...and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

I feel like I'M the one having the baby!

Giggle! said...

Ronnie - hehehehe yeh it's pretty incedible!! For the first part I just felt fat! Didn't really feel much of anything. But when the kicking started it was proof that it was there, and it's quite an amazing experience!

LMAO! You're so cute! xx