Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OMG!!! Well as some of you already know... my dear real life mate Trub had been expecting to have a baby any day now!!

I was actually chatting with her on msn at around 1:30am this morning when she went into labour!!! (I couldn't sleep because of my snoring Hubby and snoring cat as I spoke about in the post below!)

So I was immediately overwhelmed with the thought of the baby coming, and I asked that she and her partner 'Crazy' keep me informed with what was going on!

At around 2am they called me from the hospital to say that the baby was definitely going to be born very soon! I actually live quite near the hospital... so Crazy ducked over to pick me up and brought me back to the birthing suite where I got to watch THE WHOLE THING!!!!!

It all happened so fast! AT first I thought "OMFG Giggle what the hell are you thinking! You're going to witness the horrendous pain that I myself will have to experience only months away, and there is no bloody turning back now!!!"

But it was really quite a comforting experience (if you know what the hell I mean!)

Trub did awesome!!! At first she was calmer than me!!! She was the one telling ME to relax and to 'breathe in and breathe out!' I thought 'Hang on! Isn't this suppose to be the other way around!?' LOL! But when I finally pulled myself together and trusted that she was in good hands, I relaxed a lot more for her.

After all is was HER in labour and not me! heehee!

I sat with her through her contractions... her screaming in agony (the poor poor darling) and I was blown away with how polite she could be to the midwives while under so much pain!!!

She helped me understand so much that I had no idea about, and talked me through the process of what was happening and what to expect next! She's AMAZING I tell ya!!! AMAZING!!!!

So at 3:47am this morning out popped a beautiful baby boy!

She even gave birth on her DUE DATE! Which is pretty rare!

I thought I was gonna be scared off for life watching the baby come out... but when I saw the head... I just could not look away! And I wasn't freaked out at all! It was very overwhelming actually, and surprisingly I found it very comforting!

In fact! It wasn't any where near as bad as had ever imagined it to be! So I am sooo glad that I was there, and so, so privileged to share this experience with them. Thanks Darlings!!! It's one experience I'll NEVER FORGET!!!

Trub will be seeing the doctor some time this morning, as bub is not quite in the clear yet (with the scare of a gap in bubs scull that showed up in her scans.)

But I feel he is gonna be fine... because he looks absolutely perfect!!! :-)

Sorry... I haven't a piccy to show ya's yet! I rushed out so fast I forgot to grab my camera!

But I'm sure Trub will post some soon and with more details on the gorjus little bundle of joy!!!

He's beautiful!!!

(I hope this has made sense... I haven't been to bed yet so I'm a bit of a zombie at the moment!!)

Please send Congratulations
their way!!!


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Lady in red said...

Thanks again Giggles for spreading the good news and I'm glad you found it such a comforting experience.

congratulations to trub and Crazy and the girls on their new little boy.
hugs to all of you


SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

I congratulated them. Ohh I love news like this

Trixie said...

I'm glad you managed to be there for it. I've been for one birth for a friend, and it is truly amazing!

Congrats to them.

Ken said...

If you read my post on my daughters birthday, you will understand. This will be with you for life. I have had many fond thing s happen in my life but they all fall way short to that!

Jeff B said...

I remember being in the delivery room for the birth of each of my two sons. What an amazing experience to witness!

Ron said...


How freaking wonderful that you were able to be there with Trubs and witness the WHOLE birthing process!!!'s like you had "dress rehearsal" for when it happens for you!

I bet you were absolutely AMAZED at watching it too! I remember seeing the birth of a child on a film, that I watched in school. IT was fascinating and beautiful too!

Hope you got some sleep today for yourself.

I'm off to leave a comment on Trubs blog now.

Thanks for letting us all know, dear one!

Practically Joe said...

Well giggle ... it appears that you took good notes and paid close attention. So ... who will keep us informed of your special performance? We have to know.

Giggle! said...

Lady - You're very welcome! I was so glad to see you on msn because I was busting to tell someone heehe! xx

Aunty Vi - Yes it was certainly quite an experience, and it has prepared me more for my own! I'm not scared... BRING IT ONNN!!!! xx

Kenny - Yep! I don't think I could forget this if I tried!!! xx

Mr Jeffy - Sure is!! But next I shall experience ON THE BED!!!! haha! xx

ROnnie - I know right!!?? It's incredible!!!!! Lol! Yep! I know what I'm in for now.. and I'm actually relaxed about it!

I've seen a few video tapes of it... but I tell ya what it is nothing like being their in person! Thanks Ronnie xx

Practically Joe - Oh don't worry about that! You'll hear ALL about it when the ime comes! hehe! xx

Ken said...

Did you notice who I'm chasing on here, really strange how that works, LMAO!

Joe said...

Congrats Trub!

Now you're next, so get moving on this gestating thing. Apparently you have a high bar to reach (and not in the normal "giggle at the bar" way.

Giggle! said...

Joey - LOL! yeah yeah BRING IT ON!!! :-) xx

Daryl said...

Amazing .. but what's his name?

Mazel tov to Trub and Crazy


Trixie said...

HAHA! Black box bought me here now!

Mr Farty said...

LOL! That'll teach you for saying you were bored, FFS!

Ken said...

Hey, girl friend I got here from a black box, I've seen a few with your comments! lol

Ashley Ladd said...

Congrats to your friend. Childbirth is amazing.

Giggle! said...

Daryl - hehe I don't know if I'm alowed to say! Coz like me, Trub uses anon names for all her family! But I can tell ya that his middle name is the same as my Hubbys! heeheee xx

Trixie - LMAO!! Black boxes have great taste!!

Mr Farty - HAHHAHAAHAHA ya cheeky little shit! :-D xx

Kenny - heeeeheeeee! Black boxes is great isn't it! Can ya tell whic are mine and which are of RAT GiRLs? xx

Ash - Long time no see! Thank you!!! xx

Rhea said...

Woohoo, Congrats to Trub!! A boy, yay!!!

Giggle! said...

Rhea - hehe yep! He sure is!! xx