Saturday, September 13, 2008

WTF Is it with you fellas and your remote controls?!!

Bloody hell!!! As I write this... and I mean RIGHT NOW!! I've got a head scratchin Hubby searching around the HOUSE for the remote control!

So what eh? Whats the big deal?!

Well... fair enough to want the remote control... it's handy to have and get yourself comfy on the couch with the TV in your control, saving you from having to move at all!

But the thing that really annoys me... is that Hubby just REFUSES to walk up to the TV to either change the channel... or turn it down.

And right now my friends... he isn't looking for the remote control to CHANGE the channel but to turn the volume down!!!.

This is how the conversation went:

Me: "Ooooo heck hunny, that TV is a bit loud, could you turn it down a bit please... it's BLARING in my ears!"

Hubby: "Um ok, do you know where the remote is?"

Me: "No Hun! You probably left it in the dunny room again!" (Yes! He'll even take it to the shitter, he loves the damn thing so much!)

Hubby *Walks PAST the TV and heads to the dunny, to see if its there* "Nope, not there."

Me: "COme onnnn turn it down, it's killin me!"

Now I'm watching Hubby pull off the couch cushions one by one... searching to see if it slipped through the cracks!!!

Oh! Now he is looking UNDER the couch! ... Nope... not there!

Well! Now he has even walked UP TO THE TV to look on top of the TV for the REMOTE!!!!

Will he turn it down using the TV? Will he?...... Will heee?.....


And now he is distracted again by the bright colours of the television... he's slowly backing away.... backing away....
oH! He's sitting down again, eyes haven't left the screen!


Hubby: "I couldn't find the remote!!!"

Me: *Standing up from my desk and walking over to the TV (To where HE JUST WAS) and turning the sound down on the tv control panel (hard to miss!)*

Me: "Why didn't you just turn the fecking thing down on the DAMN TV!!!"

Hubby: "I couldn't be bothered!"

So it baffles me how Hubby 'Couldn't be bothered' to walk up to the TV to change the channel or the volume, but he can spend a good 10min doing strenuous exercise SEARCHING for the remote! Even looking AROUND the TV (But he still couldn't be bothered to lift his finger to the button while standing RIGHT THERE!!!)

Like the other day... Hubby had the day off work because of rain, and when ever he is home we enjoy watching Dr Phil together! But with my sleeping pattern all over the place, I had been sleeping in till late. So Hubby agreed to wake me just in time to watch Dr Phil!

Me: "Don't forget to wake me for Dr Philly Cheese hunny! You know I hate to miss it!"

Hubby: "I wont forget, it's a good one we wouldn't want to miss!"

(In fact - it was the second part to the first part that we watched so it was ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT!!)

By the time I had woken up.. it was long past Dr Philly time! I came running out into the lounge, hoping that my clock was wrong - to find Hubby laying down like a couch potato watching some weird arse SBS show that he wasn't even enjoying!


Hubby: "OH Shit!!! Sorry Bub, I forgot!!!"

Me: "YOU FORGOT!!? But... you were looking forward to it as much as I was!!! HOW DID YOU FORGET!???"

Hubby: "Well... I remembered about 20 mins before hand, so I went to change the channel but I couldn't find the remote. I searched and searched but couldn't find it anywhere! So in the end I gave up and forgot all about it!"

Me: "Have you been watching this crap all day?!!!!"

Hubby: "Yeah, it's rubbish! But I didn't have the remote to change it, so I've been stuck watching it all day!"


Hubby: *Scratching his head*

Me: *Changing the channel on the TV to something better!*

Hubby: "Ahhhhhh.... that's better!"

He shits me to tears I tell ya!


22 GiGGLeS:

Misssy M said...

There are two types of people in any marriage. The one that has the remote control and the one who never gets the remote.

I suggest you make yourself a TV remote holster to fit neatly round your waist (possibly with elastic for the mo- then you can tighten it back up once baby is here).

Guess which kind of person I am.

Giggle! said...

Misssy - hahaha yes so I am learning! But any chance I get... I try to snatch it off te bugger because he annoys the heck outta me with it!

Ummm... I'm gonna guess you hold the control! Only because you've suggested to me to to make me a holster! *GiGGLeS* xx

Ken said...

Ok, I'm going to try this again. (I got kicked off the internet last time just as I went to post)

I don't watch tv so the remote just sits around, if it got lost I would know it for weeks.

But come on Giggles other half, you can use your finger on the tv just as on the remote. It just takes practice. (ps remember she is with child not a good idea to piss her off!)

Mr Farty said...

Our last tv, you could *only* operate it via the remote: there were no buttons on the box apart from the on/off switch. So of course the IR sensor on the tv broke and that was it f*cked. Never again.

Giggle! said...

Kenny - Hey yeah! I've been having trouble too with the connection to Blogger!

A bloke that doesn't watch TV???? Well I never!!! Oh And you tell him Kenny! bwahahahahaa xx

Mr Farty - Bugger! That would piss me off... but at least Hubby would have a PROPER excuse!!! LOL xx

Jeff B said...

I think there are some sort of pheromones that are released when we touch the buttons on the remote. The TV on the other hand isn't manufactured with that same chemical releasing property.

Ya, it that or we're just to flippin lazy to do anything without the remote...Naaaaaaa!

Ron said...

OMG...Jeff that's FUNNY!!!

You crack me up, man!

Anyway,'s funny that you should be mentioning this, because I've heard a million women say this same thing about their husband/boyfriend....honestly!!!

My brother is the same way!!!

And I have no earthly idea WHY that is, because like Ken...I don't watch T.V. either. I mean, I only use the TV to watch DVD'S...but to actually watch T.V. programs, I think it's been something like 10 years ago.

My answer to you is this...

I think men are all born with the need to be air-traffic controllers...and that DAMN remote makes them FEEL that way!

Hysterical post, dear one!

And I'd have to agree with your frustration, because I would be too!

Trixie said...

Oh honey.... why did you think I divorced my husband?

Giggle! said...

Jeffy - LOL! Well that may bloody explain it!! Right... so I shall disinfect the remote now! :-P xx

Ronnie - HAHAAHHAHAHA Well that's my favourite theory so far! Thanks Ronnie! xx

AUnty Vi - LOL!! Well I should HOPE it wasn't over the TV remote! Otherwise I'm doomed xx

Scorpy said...

My remote has its very own side table and my daughters know that there is a force field that surrounds said table. I am trying to train them when they are young. It will be easier in their adult life :)

Giggle! said...

SCORPY!!!! So happy to see you!!!

hahahaha! Smart thinkin! I'd be happy for hubby to have his own special spot for it! Then he will stop LOSING THE BLOODY THING! xx

Anonymous said...

OMG I am LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF HERE!!! My husband & kids do the same stuff, they will turn everything upside down, but will NOT touch the actual TV...hmm, wonder if they are afraid it will bite them? HAHAHA

Giggle! said...

Lane - welcome! hahaha it must be a common thing aye! xx

Dazza said...

Ha ha, I can't believe he went to the telly but didn't actually turn the volume down while he was there... doh!


Rhea said...

Men! My hubby's the same way...and so are my boys! drives me nuts.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I can't say that about a man. But when my eldest boy has it he is surfing through the channels so fast it makes me dizzy.

We have 5 televisons in the house...So I can always run off and watch what I want...the extra guest room have televison too. try to get them to put the toilet seat and lid down. And when youask who dod it...NO one did. OY!

ciao babes...have a wodnerful day.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

LMAO it seems I always get the blame in our home when the remote (or one of the 5 we have!!) goes missing.

Giggle! said...

Dazza - AT LAST!!! There is a guy out there that DOES think that's weird! hahaha! xx

Rhea - You too eh?! We should start a club! xx

Spiky - 5 TVS???? COOL! Ahhh now that is one thing I don't have to worry about with Hubby.. he never leaves the dunny seat up, so I'm thankful for that! xx

Brit Gal - heeheee! Well it sounds like you can afford to lose one.. if you have 5 of em!!! (Hey! That's more than enough for one for each of you!) xx

Practically Joe said...

Giggles ... I couldn't help but laugh … Your hubby is a man’s man!
I am a professional remote controller. Nobody is faster at the clicker than I am. I’m even in the process of inventing a remote control for my wife … not for her to use … but for me to control her. If you haven’t already … check out

Giggle! said...

PJ - hehehe now THAT I gotta read! xx

CrystalChick said...

We are always losing the remote controls around here. It's comical. My little grandson probably plays with them and then put them under the couch cushions or something.

Giggle! said...

Crystal - hehe maybe we such just burn the bloody things all together! That way we wouldn't have to fight over the control! :-P xx