Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just when I thought my house was gonna get cleaned...


Woooooooooo! Onya Keithy!!! Thanks mate! :-) *GiGGLeS* YAY!

Well HECK I sure have been having withdrawels from bloggles! AND I have sooooooo much to catch up on! You're not gonna believe this but I have been SO damn bored out of my brains without Keithy and Bloggles that I actually got off my arse and STARTED CLEANING MY HOUSE!!! :-O!!!

I was actually in a great mood today and was full of motivation to tackle the rest of the cleaning, but I thought I'd have a sneak peek at how Keithy was going and next thing I knew, I abanded the rest of the cleaning!! :-)

Keithy still isn't 100% but (after an hour of loading ffs) I managed to log on!!! It seems to take about an hour to bloody well turn him on (LOL that sounded a bit dirty!) But once he is up and running, besides his annoying moaning and groaning he seems to be doing ok! (LOL I sware I don't mean that in a dirty way ffs!) *Blushes* :-P

Mind you... I gotta say what really pissed me off... After waiting an hour to finally log on, I managed to check all my comments and I had just started to write this post when Tipsey (one of my cats) jumped onto the keyboard ffs!!! In the instant that she jumped up I thought to myself 'no, it's ok... even if she hits a key on the keyboard, there's no way that she can crash the computer!' Right? ... BLOODY WRONG!!!!

All she hit was one key... ONE KEY I TELL YOU! And then Keithy FREAKING turned himself off!!! I looked at the key that she hit and it was titled 'power'!!! I mean... I sware I have NEVER seen this key before... I didn't even know it was there??? Heck! I'm sure it's not suppose to be there? Does any one else even have it??!!

Seriously, have a look at the top right corner on your keyboard... do you see a key that says 'power'? Theres two other keys next to it, 'Sleep' and 'Wake up' like.... wtf??? I didn't know they were there!!! What the heck is the point? Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I'm sure Keithy is just playing silly buggers with me ffs! I don't bloody know, but trust Tipsey to freaking click it ffs!

I wouldn't have minded so much if it was just a case of turning it back on, but NO I had to wait an hour again just for everything to load ffs! Shoot Me

But anyway... I'm here now, and hopefully he'll improve over time!!! I still need to get Dad to come over and have a look - he's a bit of a computer whiz! But I'm not letting him come over until I've cleaned my house ffs! LOL I'm weird like that, I feel that if I let someone in my house when it is messy, I'll become comfortable with it and will NEVER clean my house for visitors ever again! That's kind of like my incentive at the moment... if I want Keithy fixed, I have to clean my house! Hey! It's working... slowly :-S.

So this is just a post to say HELLO Hello I'M BACK (I think)

Did you miss me??? Girl 5 *GiGGLeS* Are you all still my friends?

Or have you forgotten about me already? Crying 1

Since it's a bit late in the night and I'm bloody tired from having a horror movie marathon last night (me and hubby watched like 7 horror movies in a row!) I'm gonna spend all day mozzas catching up on everyones posts! Raise The Roof 2 So I look forward to that!!!

Oh Oh Oh!!!!! One thing I did see was that the lovely Daryl e awarded me with THIS!!!!


These were her words -
VBF new young wild and crazy Aussie gal whose love of animals and life shows in her amazing and nutzy writing.

Awww Thanks my lady... I've never been so proud to be a nutter! Face Plant

*GiGGLeS* xx

So I assume I am suppose to pass this award onto 10 other bloggers as she did... Heck! do I even have that many friends? :-P

ok so I'm gonna choose...

Aunty Vi - Cause she'll probably punch my head in if I don't pick her! :-P *GiGGLeS* Just kidding... because she's the BESTEST Blogger ever of course!!! xx

Spiky - Because she always has awesome stories to tell and she is unbelievably sweet and caring! xx

Peach - Because she is freaking hilarious!!! xx

Pixie - Also hilarious, but she also has some wonderful touching posts! xx

Lady - Because she is very inspirational and refreshing to read! xx

Misty - Well because she is my twin! And she has amazing honesty and a huge heart! xx

Jenn - Because she has a brilliant way with words! xx

C:) - Because he is just as mental as me, if not more :-P (It's a compliment Baldy!) :-) xx

Thinny - Coz his posts always make me GiGGLe!!! xx

and Mag - Coz he loves horror dammit! :-P xx


If I could I would give you all one, because if you weren't on my 'Brilliant Bloggles' list then you'd be rubbish to read! :-P *GiGGLeS*

Oh and Nitebyrd ... I really wanted to give you one but I see you already have one (of course you do!) Coz to be honest, besides Aunty Vi, you are by far my favourite blogger! :-)

So I made a little something, just for you...

*GiGGLeS* xx

Right! I shall read y'all sooooooon!!!


18 GiGGLeS:

Mortuis said...

Welcome back, darlin'. Your wit and wisdom have been sorely missed.

It is written somewhere (probably in the Book of Murphy) that if something can go wrong, a cat can make it happen. Cats are adept at doing impossible things because no one ever told them these things are impossible.

Now if I could just get one of my cats to pick a lottery ticket....

Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

Fat Controller said...

WELCOME BACK!!! It wasn't just you that was getting withdrawal symptoms. We were getting worried out here!

I'm sure your cat didn't mean any harm...she was just going after the mouse. lol

Thank you for the award. I shall treasure it always and try to give you some more giggles!

Utter Basketcase said...

Mag - LOL! Thank you, good to be back! Well I'll be damned! Maybe I should keep all my cats after all! Heck, maybe I'll get me some more too! *GiGGLeS* xx

Thinny - *GiGGLeS* Aw Thank you!!! LMAO, that's probably why my mouse keeps buggering up ffs! :-P You're welcome about the award, if your posts don't make me GiGGLe, your comments always do!!! xx

Vi said...

hey babe, nice to have you back in blogland! Thank you so much for the award baby. I have recieved it before, but hey, you can never have too many on the mantlepiece! lol

Utter Basketcase said...

Aunty Vi - Thank you... it's good to be back!

Oh booo! I thought you may have already got one! But I couldn't tell because it's not on your new layout! Ah well you deserve it anyway! Put it on! :-Dxx

Peach said...

Aw you're a sweetie - thanks - the award's cheered me up a bit !

Utter Basketcase said...

Peach - you're more than welcome my lady! Happy to hear it cheered you up but sad to hear that you were a bit down! xx

nitebyrd said...

Welcome back, hun! I'm very happy to see you back and to know that Keithy is fighting the good fight!

I have missed you, your blog and your comments. (((hugs)))

Thank you for that award! It made me laugh on this dismal Monday!

Utter Basketcase said...

Nitebyrd - Thank youuuuuu it's so good to be home! :-)!!!

Glad to hear you liked the award! I had fun making it *GiGGLeS* xx

Daryl said...

Welcome back! So glad Keithy is all better .. missed you ..

Daryl said...

BTW .. being a bit nutzy is a GOOD thing! *giggles*

Utter Basketcase said...

daryl e - Thank you I missed you too :-)!! Oh and it's ok I know! It's one of the biggest compliments ever! :-) If you had have called me normal I would have been spewing! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back chicky babe!

And an award. My first one! Wow. That makes you my first.

Only I have find 10 people to nominate? Sigh. I'm still trying to find 7 random things about me.

Thanks! And welcome back!!

Utter Basketcase said...

HAHAHAH Thanks Jenn!!! COOL I'm excited to be your first!! :-) *GiGGLeS*

LOL I'm sure you'll have np passing the awards onto your many friends and finding 7 great facts about yourself! :-) xx

Misty DawnS said...

WoooHooo - you're back! Tell Keithy I said thank you for getting turned on so you could get on (did that sound dirty? *grin*).

Thank you SO much for the award. I'm sincerely honored! You're such a sweetie!

Utter Basketcase said...

Misty - HAHAHAHAHA see... twins!!!
You're more than welcome :-) xx

Fire Byrd said...

thanks hon, really appreciate it.I'l attend to it later in the week.
Glad your back

Utter Basketcase said...

Pixie - You're most welcome Ma Lady :-) xx